Thursday, June 27th

After I was sober for awhile, I found out that staying sober required much more of me than to just stay abstinent. Gritting my teeth and willing away addiction wasn't an option anymore. I found that connecting to a personal belief system outside of myself, and outside of religion was crucial.

Success Doesn't Matter Anymore

Intelligence, money, or success didn't matter. The truth its, none of those things kept me sober. Without some kind of spirituality, and without some hope in something outside of myself, my addiction will always win.

Staying sober requires hard work, but it gets easier once I find my specific blueprint. Mine include: spirituality, prayer, therapy, laughter with friends, and a vocation that fulfills me. When you find yours, do more of them. In times of desperation, it's possible to find your way again. Don't give up, wherever you are today is just another beginning.


Today, I will find time to connect with what fulfills me.

Today, I will rely on the hope of something outside myself.

Today, I will find time to connect with others that build me up.