Tuesday, July 2nd

Each morning when I wake up, I anticipate what the day is bring. There are times when my eagerness comes more easily, and there are times when I'd rather just stay in bed, drink my coffee and lounge the day away. What is taking away my excitement? How can I get to that place again? For I have work to do, and a destiny to fulfill.

Life Just Changes

Depression can get in the way of my excitement for life. Just because certain circumstances get in the way, like good health has being diminished, a good friend or child moves away, or a loved one has passed on, doesn't mean life has ended. It just changes.

I can develop new hobbies, coping skills, befriend new acquaintances and look at life through new perspectives. Whether than means talking to a friend, a significant other, a therapist or a sponsor, I can find new ways to enrich my life and gain strength.


Today, I will confide in another I trust.

Today, I will also confide in my Higher Power, asking for guidance throughout the day.