Wednesday, July 10th

As humans, we love to complicate things. We love to make situations bigger than they seem, over-dramatization, and chaos. In the past, as the chaos ensued, so did our using - and there a revolving door was formed - drinking, chaos, using, chaos - until we bore down the neck of a dry bottle - begging for more chaos and more substances, we played with fire.

Calming Down The Chaos

When I got sober, I found out that living a life of simplicity was a lot easier. While at first uncomfortable, no comfortable situation was ever built upon feeling that way.

Through time, calming down the chaos has been a vast process of trial and error. As a species of ego-driven individuals, keeping my humility on a steady footing must come first, and in doing that, I must keep things simple. One day at a time.

While keeping things simple is no easy feat, it can be the key to unlock true humility.


Today, I will breath in the simplicity of my life, and breathe out the chaos.