Monday, August 5th

We don't just do things because we always did them in a specific way. They're developed from somewhere. While forming new positive habits can change your life forever, we must continue to enhance and improve them - and we do this by reflection.

The Power of Reflection

As productive and sober members of society, we regularly reflect on why we do certain things and analyze how efficiently we're doing them. Most importantly, we're constantly evaluating where are actions are leading us.

If we want to avoid being on reactive autopilot, we have to regularly reflect. The main goal of reflection should be to yourself thought-provoking questions so that we can develop deeper levels of understanding.

  • Why do I react like this?
  • What does this say about me?
  • What does this say about how I view the world?

By doing this regularly, we gain insights that can help shape us into better people, enhance our goals, and live better lives.

Though, the biggest value of reflection is it can change how we see ourselves, how we feel about situations, and in the end how we act. New thoughts and emotions produce new actions.

Regular reflections keep us stay happy, joyful, and productive.


Today, I will take time out of my day to answer the above questions about something in my life.