Thursday, August 15th

I used to tell myself that if I had enough money to go out on the weekends or buy enough pair of shoes to look good in, I would be happy.

But when does enough become enough?

Enough Is Never Enough

A lot of the times when we "want" things, we usually want more. But in hindsight, do we really need these things? When we assess what our true needs are, we can take a step back and live in gratitude. We can look at life from a higher plane and recognize our destructive patterns may have once been catapulted by the feeling of "wanting."

Though today, when our wants take a back seat, and we learn to meet our needs, we can live fulfilled.

What more could you want other than what you need?


Today, I will take a moment to assess my wants and my needs. Am I constantly thinking about what I want? Am I satisfied with everything I have? Am I living in this grateful state?