Friday September 6th

I live in South Florida. While year round it's usually beautiful, and the beaches are picturesque, we get hurricanes.

Last week we were a mere hair from experiencing Hurricane Dorian.

All weekend I was frantically running around with the rest of the city. What I experienced was empty shelves, people fighting over basic necessities like water, the last loaf of bread on the shelf, and gas.

Creating Calm In The Chaos

I find it pretty amazing the mindset that we go into when our lives can be at risk. When this happens, we feel the need to take more than we need, create angst, and get in unnecessary fights. But when things lighten up, we're the first to reach out a hand to help.

We can't change other peoples reactions in times of stress, but we can change our own, and in turn, that can a create a small ripple effect for others that can change.


Today, I will think before I act, assess before I react, and pause before I interact.