Monday, September 9th

Have you ever been put down? Picked on or bullied? At one point or another we all can be our own worst enemy and bully ourselves. Though, to the artist who was told by their math teacher they were lazy created negative believe systems within us. And, to the daughter who was told by her father she was going to screw up her life because she wanted to chase a dream that ignited her passion for life.

It seems like that no matter where we turn, there's a whole crowd of people willing to tell us what we're bad at, what we can't get right, and where we're weak.

It's no wonder most of us have low self-esteem at the end of the day.

Advantage in Disadvantage

However, there's truly an advantage with disadvantage.

What if the artist's math teacher recognized their student wasn't good at math, and instead of berating her, recommended she take more art classes to hone her skills.

What if the well-intentioned father asked his daughter what she did want to do and then did everything to support and nurture those things.

For example: Yes, I'm that girl that's terrible at math. I spent most my days in high school math doodling and journaling about my life, my hopes, and my dreams. While, math isn't one of my strong suits, I can bring to the world another set of skill sets that can balance out others.

The best teachers are those that tell us we can. The best parents tell us we should. The best employers show us what we can do.

"May we all discover what about us doesn't fit the norm and, instead of trying to hide or bury it, work to make that our greatest single advantage."