Monday, October 1st

Every once in awhile you find friends that last forever. The ones that no matter how far you travel apart or how much time passes, you can pick up right where you left off. These are the friends that know you so well, they show up to your house on your birthday an hour after you were supposed to be up with coffee because they know you tend to oversleep. These friends you get in fights with to only makeup because you had Friday night plans that weekend with each other. These are the type of friends that you plan on having in your wedding.

But then one day, you find out they're gone.

Over the weekend, I got the news that one of my best friends passed away from her addiction.

It's moments like these where we truly come to realize how precious sobriety can be. One single choice can change the paradigm of our entire lives and effect the each person that comes into our path.

Relapse is real. It's common, and and unfortunately it's going to keep happening.

We've known too many people that have passed from their disease, and I'm sick and tired of losing the one's who are supposed to be in my wedding.


Today, take a moment to appreciate life. Do something your sobriety.

Make the day count.