Monday, October 7th

What are your hopes, dreams, and aspirations?

Do you aspire to buy a home? Travel more? Help others? Finally land that dream career?

While the definition of luck can be considered when opportunity meets preparation, sometimes our hopes and dreams don't turn out exactly as we imagined, and we end up with completely different plans than we had originally thought.

My 10 Year Plan

10 years ago I wrote out a 10 year plan. My plan was to move to Tennessee, graduate college, and start my career. Did any of that happen? Absolutely not, but I wouldn't change a thing.

Often times, our Higher Power gives us just enough information to move forward one step at a time, without revealing the future. In all actuality, this helps our faith grow. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't set goals. It only means that we should continue to re-evaluate our goals and continue to set them.

Can you imagine if we had the future figured out? Life would be so boring.