Tuesday, October 8th

What are you waiting for?

Someday, our life will flash before our eyes. In our last breath, we'll all wonder:

Did my life mean anything? Was I loved? Did I have an impact on anyone else's life? Did I matter?

We won't be worried about our bills, our hair, and certainly won't care about our favorite tv show. We won't spare a second thought about others opinions or judgements. Did I matter?

Before you reach that point, today might be the time to make a change.

Oscar Wilde once said, "to live is the rarest thing in the world - most people exist. That is all."

Don't live like everyone else - existing. Live every moment with passion - like it matters. Don't take anyone or anything for granted. What is important to you? What dreams do you have?

We can wish and want as hard as we want, but nothing is going to happen without action.

What are you waiting for?